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What is Riddle Escape Room?

Riddle Escape Room is a real-life escape room game located in Scottsdale, Arizona, serving Tempe and the entire greater Phoenix area. It’s a fun, team-building activity and brain-busting experience. After entering the room with your team of up to 10 people (composed of friends, family, co-workers, and potentially even strangers), the door is locked behind you and 60 minutes are put on the clock. You must work with your team to find clues and solve puzzles that will lead you to your escape before time runs out!

The Riddle Escape Room currently has four different escape rooms available with varying difficulties. We can accommodate groups of up to 40 people at one time (10 people in each room spread out through the 4 different escape rooms).

Can You Escape the Room?

Praise for the Riddle Escape Room

“This is the best escape room experience in the city!” The Entertainer Magazine

“Requires a delicate balance of teamwork, quick thinking, and curiosity to escape.” East Valley Tribune

“Great fun for up to ten people!” & “Each room requires different skillsets. You wont see the same trick in two rooms.” College Times

“Sixty minutes are on the clock as the lights dim and teams are forced to use a series of props and clues to work together to open locks,
solve puzzles and riddles, and move on to the next part of the game.”

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Escape Room Games

# of People: 2 to 10
Best Time: 30:48

Have you ever dreamt about being an FBI Agent? This is your Chance! It’s really simple. You must pass the interview.If you and your team pass the interview in 1 hour…you are hired.

# of People: 2 to 10
Best Time: 29:52

You and your team must mastermind a diamond heist by quickly solving puzzles and uncovering the path to the diamonds. You have 60 minutes to make the heist before the police arrive.

# of People: 2 to 10
Best Time: 28:50

The Evil Dr. Riddler has a secret laboratory. You have been selected to break into the lab to expose the secret formula. You must work with your team to crack the code.

# of People: 3 to 10
Best Time: 55:12

You woke up one morning locked in a prison cell convicted of a crime you commit. While the guards are away, you have a short window of time to get the clues, crack the codes, and find the only way to escape.

Book Now

Pricing is really simple. It Costs $28 Per Person in each room.

Riddle Escape Room Reviews

This was my second time going to a room escape. … The puzzles were extremely clever …

Priya S.

Super Nice!
We had a wonderful experience with the team and the challenge at Riddle Escape Room. …

Yomi G.

Wonderful Experience
It was so much fun!!!! …

Rebekah P.

So Much Fun
… Highly recommend for a group of friends, team building, or family event.

Jim W.

Great Fun for our Group of 8!
This place is an absolute blast. …


Best Escape Room Ever
… Lots of fun and lots of class. Great way to spend an hour.


Great Fun

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Escape Rooms Are Great For...

Escape Room for Special Events

Special Events

Do you have a special event? Anniversary, birthday party, and yes we’ve even seen wedding proposals. No matter what your big event is… call us and we can tailor it just for you.
Escape Rooms are great for groups.

Big Groups

Company outing, sports teams, churches, organizations, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Escape rooms are a fun way to get the party started.
Escape rooms are designed for teamwork and cooperation.

Team Building

Escape rooms are designed for cooperation. People have to work together, which fosters critical thinking, communication, cooperation, and best of all fun. Book Now
Start here.

Start Here

If this is your first time playing the escape room we always recommend starting with the FBI Interview. Starting with a difficult escape room is no fun for first time participants.


How Much Does It Cost?

It Costs $28 Per Person

How Many Players Per Room?

Our Rooms Are Designed For Up To 10 Players. Minimum 3 Players To Play

What If We Don’t Make It Out?

If you can’t get out in 60-Minutes, we will get you out!

Can We Have The Whole Room To Ourselves?

Sure, just find a time slot that has 10 spots available and then book all 10 slots. This is the only way we can Guarantee that you will have the entire room to yourself.