About Us

Riddle Escape Room is a real-life Escape Room Game! It’s a fun, team-building, brain-busting experience. After entering the room with your team of up to 10 people (composed of friends, family, and strangers), the door is locked behind you and 60-minutes are put on the clock. You must work with your team to find clues and solve puzzles that will lead you to your escape!

Friends And Family

Take A Break From The Norm And Enjoy A Unique Immersive Experience With Your Friends & Family You Will Have To Combine Skills To Solve Puzzles And Find Clues To Get Out İn Under 6o Minutes.

Gamers And Enthusiasts

Riddle Escape Room Provides Sophisticated , High Level Games That Will Challenge Even The Most Hardcore Gamers. Is Winning Not Enough? Go For The Record!!

Tourists And Travelers

Whether You Are Traveling By Yourself Or With A Group. Riddle Escape Room Is A Must Stop Destination While You Are In Arizona. You Have 60 Minutes To Find Clues , Solve Puzzles And Escape The Room Before Your Time Is Up.

Schools And University Groups

Riddle Escape Room Is A Great Way To Have Your Students Experience Teamwork And Collaboration In A Fun , Positive And Interactive Way. They Will Use Their Critical Thinking Skills To Find Clues And Solve Puzzles And Must Work Together While Under The Pressure Of A Ticking Clock. A Fun Experience For Students And A Great Tool For Teachers.

Corporate Team-Building

Team Building Has Never Been So Successful! Your Group Will Face Challenging Puzzles, Stay Organized And Work Together To Get Out In Under 60 Minutes.

Parties And Events

Birthday Or Bachelor Party? Your Group Will Face Fun Challenging Puzzles. You Will Have To Combine All Skills To Solve The Puzzles&Escape The Room In Under 1 Hour.