The Diamond Heist Escape Room (Top Secret)

The Heist escape room challenge

Some say knowledge is power; others say it is money. However, the answer may be both. Knowledge, aided by money, now that is what one would call power. At least, for someone in your business.

Most would call you a thief, but you prefer the term of “a commodities liberator.” There are many prizes to win; but which are worthy of your efforts?

Currencies, jewels, trinkets, art – anything that catches your fancy and will make a pretty penny is on the list. However, it takes a special kind of thief to narrow down the list of jobs worth working.

Pink Diamonds, for example — ooh, the diamonds; you’ve had your eyes on a dozen of the most valuable gems. They are colorless, flawless, beautifully-cut diamonds– and there are over thirty of them.

The estimated value of a single, smaller gem in this collection is well over $500,000. And with a few dozen of them in your pockets, you’d be set for life.

There’s only one problem: a high-tech vault keeps the diamonds away from thieving hands. The vault rests inside a notable security facility belonging to a world-famous oil tycoon.

The Target

This won’t be your average diamond heist. After all, these are pink diamonds you’ve set your sights on. The owner won’t part with them so easily.

The targeted diamonds remain locked in the basement vault of a multi-level, heavily guarded security stronghold. It is a well-built fortress that lies deep in the heart of a maze of hidden clues and of security barriers.

No one knows what exactly the facility looks like on the inside, save for a few trusted souls close to its owner. Once you break in, you’ll be winging it the entire way, so be extra alert and especially wary.

You’ll need to rely on teamwork and thinking together, so make sure that you and your partners are well prepared.

But if you get caught off guard, never fear. You’ll have help from the outside, from another partner watching you via a closed-circuit camera. If you need a nudge in the right direction, see if they can offer any insight.

The most notable thing known about the facility is what a trap it can be. Those who have attempted to conquer it before speak of its puzzle-like nature. It’s doesn’t have the machine-like, organized, lawful setup that most security facilities do.

The entire place is something of a puzzle. It’s a mystery that one will have to solve if they desire to make it into the inner vault housing the priceless, pink diamonds.

Only the highest ranking in personnel working at the facility are trained to solve these puzzles, and no one else.

No intel has ever been brought up on how exactly you must maneuver these plights. Those who do know how are sworn to secrecy.

What is known, however, is what types of clues and codes you’ll need to solve. Whoever designed the facility originally was clearly a thinker, desperate to put their overactive mind and intelligence to use.

Rather than the facility using standard security measures, they went a different direction when they designed the vault.

There are no fingerprint scanners, scannable badges, admittance cards or other similar technologies. To pull off this diamond heist you must be a thinker— just like the facility’s designer.

You will encounter riddles, pattern-sensitive clues that you must decipher in the correct sequence. These riddles and clues reveal various vital secrets hidden in the facility.

Solving them will depend on intelligence, a battle of pure wits and academic knowledge.

Other riddles will involve logic– or possibly a lack thereof. Some will depend on teamwork, and others on your own individual skill.

It is possible that the puzzles might be more suitable for one of your partners to solve alone. It would be good to bring along a team you can trust.


Teamwork Pays Off

masked man with gloves picking a lock

It’s always good to have two sets of eyes, two different perspectives on things, two ways of looking at a problem. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

This is one of the reasons you will need to work with your partners-in-crime to make solving the clues and puzzles easier.

While you may not see a clue, are unable to answer a riddle, or find the location of a secret door, one of your partners might be the right person to solve it– or vice versa.

Or, the clue that a partner missed several times might be much more obvious to your eyes. The puzzle that stumped them might come easily to you.

Don’t underestimate the value of your teamwork and collaboration. It might be the defining factor that decides whether or not you walk out of the facility rich, or if you walk out of the vault in handcuffs.

Time is another factor in this situation. Once you break into the facility, the alarms are only suppressed for sixty minutes.

Once that time is up, the facility will come alive with warnings, and the authorities will be on-scene within minutes.

If you aren’t out in time, and the alarms go off, escaping imprisonment is very unlikely, so use your time wisely.

A diamond heist this large is no joke, and will not be taken lightly by the guards, the police or the court.

A successful outcome will depend on speed almost as much as teamwork, communication, and quick thinking. Even if you’re solving the riddles and puzzles, if you’re solving them slowly, everything else becomes void. Diamonds aren’t worth much to you if you’re in jail.

In the end, pulling off a diamond heist like this comes down to a few defining factors: knowledge, quick thinking, and wisdom. These skills grant you the ability to bypass the security measures. Youmsut have teamwork, cooperation, and trust with your partners so you can do the job and do it well.

And finally, speed and efficiency– a quick and clean heist is the best heist, no?


Getting Away with the Goods


So, will you make it in time, and without detection? If you do, we’ll celebrate with you (but we’ll also expect a cut in the profit)!

There are plenty of rich customers who inhabit the world of crime willing pay big for diamonds like these. You’ll be living the good life for the rest of your days! A luxurious lifestyle that is bought – okay, stolen – and paid for.

But if you failed… well… hope you enjoy “The Big House,” you’ll be there for a while.