Mad Scientist Escape Room: Dr. Riddler’s Laboratory

It’s all up to you.

Only the best of the best get selected for these missions. And with good reason– only the best of the best make it out.

You have been chosen to break into the lab of the mad scientist, Dr. Riddler. The lab is secret, a well-hidden hold, but not too much trouble for Headquarters.

They uncovered it only yesterday. Now it’s up to you and your team to break into the lab and expose Doctor Riddler’s secret formula.


Your Target

businessman holding a card with a question mark

Now, you might be wondering: who is Doctor Riddler? Well, the truth is, he is a madman, bent on revenge.

But it wasn’t always that way. Doctor Riddler was once a scientist, a brilliantly intelligent man, determined to leave his mark on the face of science forever.

He was a master of chemistry. Through his studies, discovered something incredible, something no one else had ever come across.

The rumors surrounding this discovery are many. Riddler refused to release what he had found, but the closest rumors say that it was a biochemical weapon.

Others stated it gave disease immunity. Another source, a higher-up in the very company Riddler was employed at, implied that it was all a publicity hoax. That accusation angered Doctor Riddler, who unleashed a series of attacks against his company. He took the formula and fled to secrecy.

Soon after, he sent a tape out, which ended up in the hands of several world leaders and the international news. He vowed to show the world what his secret could do– but in his time, and in his ways.


Doctor Riddler’s Beginning


Intel also recovered some detail on his past, and what made him such a bitter, volatile man in the first place.

Before he was a mad scientist, Rodney T. Riddler was just a young graduate. He had unlimited ambition but very limited money.

He took up an internship at a nearby working lab to learn his trade and improve his skills as both a chemist and a scientist.

But there were scandalous happenings rooted deep among this company. Soon, his mentors and coworkers were stealing his ideas and submitting them to the company with false credit. They began selling them away to others.

They even began sabotaging Riddler’s own work to keep him under their thumbs.

When he threatened to expose them, they sent hitmen to Riddler’s doorstep late one evening. Riddler barely escaped, just by the skin of his nose. He swiftly fled across the country to start anew.

He took up a job at a small laboratory that was just getting started, where corruption was nowhere to be found.


The Price of Freedom


Finally, now, he could do his work freely and in peace.

For several months, Ridder had what he wanted: to work unrestrained and undisturbed.

But the longer he studied and experimented, the more his ambitions and curiosities grew. He found himself restrained by the rules of his employers.

So he began to steal chemicals, formulas, and equipment, all quietly under the noses of his superiors. This was all for the purpose of fueling his own experiments and tests.

He went on working for the company under an innocent facade by day. At night, he returned home to explore his own scientific inquiries. He set up an entire lab in his basement. For some time, he was able to carry on unnoticed.


A Fresh Start With Similar Minds


But sooner or later, he required chemicals that became increasingly difficult to get a hold of.

He ordered through the company under several different guises. In his desperation to continue his research, he got careless.

After six months with this company, they got wind of his treachery and discovered how much he had stolen. He left the company bankrupt. Before he could be charged and brought to trial, he fled once again.

Brilliantly evading the authorities that followed him, he found yet another company to work at. Getting a job under a false name, he found solace here. This company was nearly as ambitious as he was.

Soon, he was creating to his heart’s content, unrestrained by the laws and guidelines of the previous company. The mad scientist was finally born.


The Dawn of Madness

pipette adding fluid to test tubes

He worked like a madman, day in and day out. Riddler found no gain from sleep, as he could finally create and test the limits like he never could before.

He fell in among a shifty but tightly-knit group of chemists. They would quietly exchange data and ideas under the noses of the law.

These men were not like their quieter coworkers. They had bigger ideas than just learning their science. They understood the power of the chemistry they did and knew it could be used for many things.

It had a purpose for good, or for evil, for mercy, or for domination.

They spat at the feet of those who had done them wrong or turned them down in the past, vowing revenge for their mistreatment.

As his colleagues spoke of these things, Doctor Riddler realized he had yet to pay his former employers back for what they’d done to him. So, he began working even harder than he had before.


From Science to Vengeance


He would prove to them what a mistake they’d made. He’d show them how much they’d lost by turning his ideas away.

He’d prove to his former mentors that even if they took his ideas, he could still be better than they ever dreamed of becoming.

They could never match his hard work. His heart and soul had a place in every equation, every digit on the paper.

He would spite them. He would make them regret their treatment of him. They would watch as he burned all their work in return for sabotaging his. Yes, he would pay them back quite nicely.

So Riddler took to working in solitary confinement, cutting off the rest of his colleagues. He could share his experiments with no one. He would not allow his genius to be stolen again.

It took him hardly a few weeks, but he’d done it. He created his mystery formula. And now the mad scientist had the world at his fingertips.

He’s about to make sure everyone knows it – with dire consequences.


Your Mission


That’s where you come in.

The most recent gathered intel on Doctor Riddler revealed two things: the date he plants to ‘reveal’ the power of his secret, and the location of his secret lab.

You need to get in, steal the formula and get out, before it’s too late.