The Prison Break Escape Room (Top Secret)

jailbar shadows on a concrete floor

How on earth did you get here? How could this have happened in the land where you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty?

One night you’re out with friends, having the time of your life. The next morning you wake up in a prison cell?

Although you admit some of the details of your night out are a bit fuzzy, it’s just not like you to do anything as unbelievable as the prison guards say you’ve done.

I mean, seriously. You’re far from perfect but you’re certainly not a criminal.

But now that you’re here, and no one seems remotely interested in hearing your side of the story, you’ve got no choice pull a prison break and escape to some far away land to start a new life with a new persona.

Is it a coincidence that you hadn’t yet deposited that $10k you’d been stashing away in an envelope taped to the back of your dresser for a new car purchase?
Granted, ten grand isn’t life changing but it is enough to get you far away from the good ol’ “land of the free”.

Yeah, right. Not in your world, anyway.

But that’s about to change. You’ve spotted a chance to get out of your prison home for good – if you can manage to move through the maze of clues quickly and quietly.


A Unique Opportunity


Time without supervision from guards is rare here, but you’ve been given a rare opportunity with a one-hour time slot.

The prison is being visited by the state’s new governor, and all of the staff will attend an on-site luncheon in the staff cafeteria, catered by the city’s best steakhouse.

They’ll be sitting in cushy seats, at actual tables, eating ribeyes with all the fixin’s after they slide your plate of mystery meat and “mac & what?” under your cell bars.

You may not be a certified food snob but is it too much to expect a meal containing food that actually looks and tastes edible? Apparently, it is, at least in this prison home.

This will be your chance to try a prison break escape, and the timing and event offer a unique opportunity that won’t come around again – not for the duration of your assigned stay anyway.

It’s up to you to use this hour to your advantage and figure a way out of here and off to your new home.


 The Challenge

stone prison tower overshadowing a stone wall with barbed wire on top

The good news is that you’ve got clues – clues you’ve found thanks to the one and only former prisoner who has ever successfully escaped this prison and eluded searching authorities to live a life of permanent freedom.

The stories fellow prisoners share about him are legendary, and who would’ve known that you’d be assigned his old room as your new digs.

The tiny, loose piece of concrete in the corner of the wall under your bed was unnoticeable to prison staff, but the many hours of “free time” in your prison cell leaves you bored silly.

As you scoured every inch of that room in the one-in-a-million hope that the old Houdini-wanna-be left a clue, you found what you were looking for.

Behind that tiny piece of loose brick was an even tinier piece of paper with a one-word tip: puzzle.

That’s it. That’s all you have to go on. Enough of a clue to give you hope but not enough of a clue to tip off prison staff should they find it.

Armed with that simple word etched in your mind, you’ll move forward to find a way to get out of here. You know that the way out is hidden in multiple pieces you’ll have to find and solve, but that’s all you know.

The Plan


Now it’s all up to you – well, you and your cellmates. Somewhere, somehow, old Houdini the 2nd got out of here and far enough away that he was long gone before authorities realized it.

A nighttime escape would be best on that front, but the clues to his path out will have to be conquered during the day when there is more noise in the cells and hallways.

This one clue, puzzle, is only the first clue. Now you’ve got to take that information and find and follow the other pieces of the puzzle that are hidden in this room.

You and your cellmates will have to work together on this one. After all, you can’t do a prison break on your own with them sitting by and watching.

You’ve agreed to work together provided everyone goes their own way after you all taste the fresh air of non-fenced, non-guarded, non-mystery meat freedom.

You each have your own set of skills that can help you find the way out – as long as you work as a team and use each person’s strengths to the advantage of your group as you solve each clue, puzzle, sequence or riddle.



Will you make it out? Hard to say. Dozens have tried – dozens have failed. But you are different. Your tenacity and perseverance outshine other people’s – they always have.

By thinking carefully – albeit quickly – about the clues you encounter, you and your cellmates can solve this maze to freedom.

Motivation is high, for on the other side of that heavily guarded fence lies a bounty of cash and a new life in a faraway country.

And you’re not willing to spend even one more day sitting in a 12×12 cell for a crime you didn’t commit. Not when freedom is so close you can taste it.

Only if you work together with your cellmates to find and solve riddles, clues and puzzles will you have a chance at finding the way out. Show the powers-that-be what you’ve got.

Prove to them with your escape that you will not tolerate an unjust conviction and imprisonment while they sit back and laugh at your pleas for justice for the unjustly convicted.

If you fail the challenge the consequences will be swift and unusually harsh.

After all, attempted prison breaks are not taken lightly, and getting caught will certainly result in a long stretch in solitary confinement along with other highly unpleasant acts that you don’t even want to think about.

However, if you can make it out in time you’ll have the chance to start a new life. Granted, it won’t be in your hometown with your friends and loved ones, but whatever it is will certainly beat out life in a prison cell. You in?