Reviews of Riddle Escape Room

A Few More Reviews Just For You

We had a great time. My husband and two sons ages 21 and 18 made an online reservation for a Sunday afternoon.  We signed up to do the Prison Break room but due to our novice level we were recommended Dr. Riddler’s Lab.  Very fun and challenging.  We did escape with 8 minutes to spare.

Don’t want to give away any hints but I think during our escape there were a few areas we over thought.

All in all a great time.  Clean bathrooms and lots of parking.  We will be back!

We brought a group of 10 14 year old girls and they had the best time! It was their first time doing an escape room.The staff was so friendly and helpful. They did the FBI room and it was challenging for them but they still escaped. They all had so much fun they all wanted to do it again. I highly recommend Riddle Escape room. So creative, fun, challenging and a super friendly staff to help you if you need clues.

Thank you!!!!

The staff is very friendly and helpful to anyone new to escape rooms. They have several levels for all experience levels. The lab and FBI challenges are good for beginners. The prison break is reported to be the toughest in AZ so don’t try it if you get overly frustrated.

The price is fair but look for discounts on Yelp or otherwise. It’s a fun time so don’t be afraid to try it!

Playing a board game or card game with friends is one thing. Participating in a murder mystery boxed game is another. But none of these compare to being in an Escape Room, where you and your friends are in a room and have 60 minutes to figure out how to get out. I have been to two prior escape rooms in Phoenix and Seattle, and the Riddle Escape Room puts more attention into their rooms to make them unique, challenging, and fun than most escape rooms.

It started when I saw an advertisement for the Riddle Escape Room with a discount code for ASU students and staff. I got a group of nine of us (though you could really have ten people) together this past weekend. We all made our own reservations on their website, and then we showed up 15 minutes early for paperwork and to get a helpful introduction to the experience.

The Riddle Escape Room has a fun-filled hallway where we waited for our full group to arrive from logic games, photos from past groups, and two restrooms (tip: go if you need before you start). There are four different rooms, each with different themes and levels of difficulty. If you need a clue, you can ask for one every ten minutes with no penalty. My friends and I went into Dr. Riddler’s Lab. We solved it in 54 minutes and 20 seconds with less than six minutes to spare. Afterwards, you can take a group picture of everyone having triumphed or everyone despairing (though still having fun).

An Escape Room is a great team-builder for family members, friends, co-workers, or anyone else! I’d recommend of a group of 6-8 people, which may be easier to work with than only two people or a full group of ten people. Thanks to the Riddle Escape Room and of course, Corey, for a great evening!